Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaving Lawra

Holy crapola shit crap! I'm leaving Lawra. 2 years has come and gone. Etc.

As you may know, my introduction to Lawra wasn't so pleasant. I almost died from malaria. It was quite depressing. I suppose it's only appropriate that I leave Lawra on a morbid note.

There was a rather large commotion in town today. Everyone was going to the forest area right by my house to check something out. "What's going on?" I wondered. As I got closer to the what was going on I saw that people were covering their mouths and noses as they were walking. Then people were vomiting and crying. I came to see the body of a woman who hanged herself in the forest, probably the night before. I asked a boy if he knew her and if he knew why she killed herself. He told me that it was her aunt (which in Ghana just means that he knows her) and that she prepared dinner for him just this Friday, and that he hadn't heard from her since.

In Lawra it isn't considered morbid or in bad taste to want to see the body, or even take pictures. In fact, the Ghanaian newspapers often print extremely graphic pictures of things like car accidents, shootings, etc. I'm sure that if it were in America the police would have the scene blocked from the public. But that wasn't the case. So, in the interest of truly integrating I visited the body and took pictures. But, it has been brought to my attention that Americans will probably think it in bad taste to post them. Maybe for the first time in my life I am exercising restraint, so no pictures.

See you guys soon!


1 comment:

Jacob said...

Pain is everywhere.
We (and you) don't need pictures of sadness.
Take pictures of life and happiness with you.
Keep them with you. Keep them in your mind and heart.
But I must comment on your blog.
Your blog copies the motto of comedians... always leave them laughing.
Goodbye Lawra and Ghana... Hello America.
Hmmm be careful what you wish for.
We all can hardly wait to see you.