Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of me with a women's group in a village called Kunyukou. The name "Kunyukuo" means "you don't give a stranger ordinary water". Instead you give them a meal and the fancy water. The name sums up their hospitality pretty well. They're amazingly kind and welcoming.

This women's group has 40 members. The members are mostly ground nut (peanut) farmers and sellers.

Me and my wife, as she calls herself. Watch out Megan, she will fight you.

Me with the group. The man on the far left acts as a translator for me, since they mostly speak Hausa, and not Dagaare.


Steven said...

Man, I want some fancy water.

Jacob said...

It must be some very strange "water" to get ANY woman to want Adam.
Warning... If you go to Ghana DON'T drink the water.
Have fun Adam.
Enjoy your friends. As with all good things, this too is coming to an end.
See you soon.
Nmenna ka ta bio.