Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dogon Trip

Hi again. Megan and I just got back from a trip to Burkina Faso and Mali. It was really amazing. Check out her flickr page to see some of the pics. I ate a caterpillar sandwich in Burkina Faso. That was actually pretty good. And I had yogurt for desert. Yogurt!!! In-fucking-credible! Who knew that yogurt kicked so much ass? I guess if you're deprived of anything for long enough it seems wonderful.

In other news I a grant that I wrote just got approved. I am going to bring someone from the southern part of Ghana to come to Lawra (my village) and teach a group of people living with HIV/AIDS how to do beekeeping. They will also learn how to collect and process honey, and how to make things like honey soap, and candles. The people should be able to use the newly-acquired knowledge of beekeeping as a means of income generation.

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Jacob said...

You travel to places that most westerners have never even heard of.
You see amazing siights and share them.
You find beauty and sadness. Yet you find a way to lessen the sadness. Like your trip on the river to help give aids tests and educate. You now help with the beekeeping idea.
I am afraid to add to that swelled head of yours, but you are extraordinary.
I am proud of you!!!
Go with G-D. Nmenna ka ta bio.
See you soon.