Monday, May 31, 2010

Blister Beetles . . .

Those damn blister beetles!

A blister beetle is a little bastard of a bug that is a stupid bastard! If they get up on your skin they secrete a toxin that causes human skin to blister. And is sucks! The secretion causes a blister that pops if you touch it. But once it is popped it releases the puss that makes your skin burn like hell. And somehow, one of those little bastards got on my face last night. And for some reason it went across my eye. So, it got the blistering agent all over my eyelid and around my eye! And now the skin around my eye is starting to peel and swell up. And my eye is starting to feel like it will be swollen shut in about a day or two.

So, apparently that happens here too. Who knew?

take care,

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Jacob said...

Adam, you are a poster child for the Peace Corps and Africa.
Please, just for a change, take care of yourself.
Go with G-D, but don't make HIM work too hard on you. OK!
We love you. Nmenna ka ta bio.